Priority Date: 05.11.13 (DE 201310112167)

Support structure for simultaneously holding a plurality of containers for substances for medical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic applications and transport and packaging containers with same and method

  • Application ID: EP14189573


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This EP application has the IPC class A61, B01, and B65. We found, that Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners - Bulgarian Patent Attorney & Licensed Appraiser, Vereenigde Octrooibureaux NV (V.O.), ip21 Ltd, Riederer Hasler & Partner Patentanwälte AG, Industrial Property Services GmbH and 26 others are specialized in this combination either. For a similar patent, they might be a good choice.


  • 05.11.2013 - Priority Date (DE 201310112167)
  • 06.05.2015 - Publication A1 (EP2868593)
  • 21.12.2016 - Publication B1 (EP2868593)