Priority Date: 08.06.13 (CN 20131227327)

Light source module and projection apparatus

  • Application ID: EP14168634


Employment test 11 - 50 employees
Company dna ter meer steinmeister and partner gbr
operating since 1973
Headquarter in Munich and 2 offices
active in Legal Services


This patent has the IPC combination G03 (PHOTOGRAPHY; CINEMATOGRAPHY; ANALOGOUS TECHNIQUES USING WAVES OTHER THAN OPTICAL WAVES; ELECTROGRAPHY; HOLOGRAPHY) and H04 (ELECTRIC COMMUNICATION TECHNIQUE) is specialized in the combination G03 and H04. We found, that KOPPEL patendibüroo OÜ, Becker Kurig Straus, Schwabe Sandmair Marx, IPLodge bvba, Appleyard Lees Ltd and 4 others are specialized in all of these IPC classes. For a similar patent, they might be a good choice.


  • 08.06.2013 - Priority Date (CN 20131227327)
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