Priority Date: 30.03.10 (JP 20100079446)

Image display system, image display method and program

  • Application ID: EP14161554


Employment test 51 - 200 employees
Company dna vossius and partner
operating since 1961
Headquarter in Munich and 3 offices
active in Legal Services and IP-related Communication Service


This patent has the IPC combination B63 (SHIPS OR OTHER WATERBORNE VESSELS; RELATED EQUIPMENT) and G06 (COMPUTING; CALCULATING; COUNTING) is specialized in the combination B63 and G06. We found, that Coller IP Management Ltd, Keltie LLP, Bryn Aarflot AS, Dilg Haeusler Schindelmann Patentanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (DHS), Hansson Thyresson PatentbyrÄ AB and 7 others are specialized in all of these IPC classes. For a similar patent, they might be a good choice.


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