Priority Date: 08.06.01 (US 20010296926P)

Realistic scene illumination reproduction

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Employment test 51 - 200 employees
Company dna muller bore deufel schon hertel
operating since 1900
Headquarter in Munich and 1 office
active in Legal Services, IP Consulting, IP Portfolio Processing, and IP-related Communication Service


This EP application has the IPC combination G03 (PHOTOGRAPHY; CINEMATOGRAPHY; ANALOGOUS TECHNIQUES USING WAVES OTHER THAN OPTICAL WAVES; ELECTROGRAPHY; HOLOGRAPHY) and G06 (COMPUTING; CALCULATING; COUNTING). We found, that KOPPEL patendibüroo OÜ, Becker Kurig Straus, Schwabe Sandmair Marx, Weser & Kollegen, IPLodge bvba and 10 others are specialized in this combination either. For a similar patent, they might be a good choice.


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