Priority Date: 16.12.11 (RU 20110151692)


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operating since 1879
Headquarter in Torino and 7 offices
active in Legal Services, IP Consulting, and IP-related Communication Service


This EP application has the IPC combination B60 (VEHICLES IN GENERAL) and B61 (RAILWAYS). We found, that Cohausz & Florack Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB, Bauer Vorberg Kayser mbB, Advopat Brümmerstedt Oelfke Seewald & König, Barger Piso & Partner, Walther Walther & Hinz GbR and 8 others are specialized in this combination either. For a similar patent, they might be a good choice.


  • 16.12.2011 - Priority Date (RU 20110151692)
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  • 22.10.2014 - Publication A1 (EP2792502)
  • 19.09.2018 - Publication B1 (EP2792502)

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