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This EP application has the IPC combination B23 (MACHINE TOOLS; METAL-WORKING NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR) and C23 (COATING METALLIC MATERIAL; COATING MATERIAL WITH METALLIC MATERIAL; CHEMICAL SURFACE TREATMENT; DIFFUSION TREATMENT OF METALLIC MATERIAL; COATING BY VACUUM EVAPORATION, BY SPUTTERING, BY ION IMPLANTATION OR BY CHEMICAL VAPOUR DEPOSITION, IN GENERAL; INHIBITING CORROSION OF METALLIC MATERIAL OR INCRUSTATION IN GENERAL). Sandvik Intellectual Property AB is specialized in the combination B23 and C23. We found, that Puschmann Borchert Bardehle Patentanwälte Partnerschaft mbB, Berendt Leyh & Hering, WSL Patentanwälte PartGes mbB, Gihske Große Klüppel Kross, Hansen und Heeschen and 14 others are specialized in all of these IPC classes as well. For a similar patent, they might be a good choice.


  • 23.11.2010 - Priority Date (EP 20100192235)
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  • 02.10.2013 - Publication A1 (EP2643498)
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