Priority Date: 04.03.05 (US 20050658543P)

Compositions comprising a fluoroolefin

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This EP application has the IPC combination C09 (DYES; PAINTS; POLISHES; NATURAL RESINS; ADHESIVES; COMPOSITIONS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR; APPLICATIONS OF MATERIALS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR) and C10 (PETROLEUM, GAS OR COKE INDUSTRIES; TECHNICAL GASES CONTAINING CARBON MONOXIDE; FUELS; LUBRICANTS; PEAT). We found, that Sperling Fischer & Heyner, Patentanwälte Rauschenbach, Berendt Leyh & Hering, Cabinet Hirsch & Associes, Akzo Nobel Chemicals International BV and 5 others are specialized in this combination either. For a similar patent, they might be a good choice.


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