Priority Date: 10.11.08 (DE 20081056555)

Laundry treatment machine, in particular washing machine with a heat insulated plastic tub

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This EP application has the IPC combination A47 (FURNITURE; DOMESTIC ARTICLES OR APPLIANCES; COFFEE MILLS; SPICE MILLS; SUCTION CLEANERS IN GENERAL) and D06 (TREATMENT OF TEXTILES OR THE LIKE; LAUNDERING; FLEXIBLE MATERIALS NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR). There is no patent agent firm in the market, which is specialized in this combination of IPC classes.


  • 10.11.2008 - Priority Date (DE 20081056555)
  • 12.05.2010 - Publication A1 (EP2184393)
  • 18.01.2012 - Publication B1 (EP2184393)

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