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Get comprehensive information for more than 5,600 IP service companies and 18,410 IP professionals.
The IPIB is a public-funded and non-profit database dedicated to research purposes.

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Technology managers

Are you aware of all the services which might help you to better use your companies' IP? Do you struggle to identify and assess the appropriate service providers for your IP related tasks? The IP Industry Base provides you the with transparency about the IP market you need.

IP service providers

Do you know your competitors? Are you aware of companies who do your business in other regions? Or do you want to identify regional markets where your expertise is missing? The IP Industry Base is your competitive intelligence tool to better understand your threats and opportunities.

IPR academia

Do you need more data about the global IPR service market? You can use the market data in the IP Industry Base for your research. It is a public-funded and non-profit database, it is free and open to anyone under the condition of fair usage. We invite you to contribute.